The MicrO2 Sleep and Snore device is an oral anti-snoring mouthpiece, manufactured by ProSomnus Sleep Technologies. The MicrO2 device is made from a strong, control-cured PMMA Polymer and is FDA approved as a Sleep Apnea device.

The MicrO2 Intraoral appliance works by moving the lower jaw or mandible, forward, in order to increase the diameter of the retropharyngeal airway behind the tongue. In other words, by gently advancing the mandible forward, the MicrO2 creates more space behind the tongue, allowing for the airways to work unabated. By allowing for more air to flow through unabated, the MircO2 reduces snoring and any other obstructive respiratory events during sleep.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea or any of the symptoms leading to obstructive sleep events the MicrO2 oral appliance may be able to help you clear out your airways and improve your breathing.